• Professional
  • Approachable
  • Affordable

At the Dolence Law Office, we recognize our clients deal with much more than just a pressing legal issue. Individuals must juggle work and family with all the ups and downs life presents. Businesses confront daily challenges to satisfy customers, maintain employees, and comply with government regulations, all in an effort to keep the doors open. The additional stress of dealing with legal issues can become overwhelming. With that understanding, the Dolence Law Office approaches each client and each matter with these three basic principles: be Professional, be Approachable, and be Affordable.



Strong advocacy doesn’t always need to be contentious. But it does always need to be professional and ethical. Our clients can be assured their legal issues will be handled that way.


Legal advice can be accepted only if it is understood. We listen intently to our clients’ questions and concerns, and explain the law and their legal options simply and understandably.


We recognize legal issues create unanticipated expenses that strain budgets. We strive to provide the quality legal services our clients deserve while maintaining the affordability they desire.

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